NASA space travel begins! Here are the prices


Recently, the team named Crew-1 was sent to space with SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Making a press release, NASA provided information about Space Travel and its price list.

NASA space travel begins! Here is the price list

The astronauts arriving at the International Space Station for the mission, which is carried out jointly by NASA and Japan Space Research Agency (JAXA), will stay for 6 months.

NASA uzay seyahati başlıyor

NASA Finance Director Jeff DeWit said in a statement that they will seize new opportunities. Stating that they are working for new business opportunities, DeWit said, “We will start to experiment with business models that we have not evaluated before. Thanks to our newly announced space travel list, those who wish will be able to have this experience. ”Used expressions.

About five percent of its annual resources will be set aside for commercial business models. Explaining a price list ranging from $ 11,250 to $ 22,500 per day, NASA underlined that they will implement a special astronaut program.

The officials stated that they will expand their research activities with the new income model to be created and that they will continue to work for the potential customer base.

It is not yet known when the new program will be launched. What do you think of the special astronaut program and price list? You can express your ideas in the comments.


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