NASA shared a new video of Jupiter


In addition to space studies, NASA also publishes videos that will help create ideas about planets. In the newly shared video called “A Flight Over Jupiter”, we take a journey on the surface of Jupiter. The NASA Jupiter video is 5 minutes in total and appeals to the enthusiast.

NASA Jupiter video takes a short trip

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been circling the gas-filled Jupiter and filming it since June. After the shootings in question, the exciting adventure is presented to people in this video. These videos, which space enthusiasts follow with curiosity, enable us to create ideas about space and learn new details about the surfaces of the planets.

The Juno spacecraft, which has been used since 2016, also offers us the change of the surface of Jupiter. In a new statement by NASA, it is emphasized that still images taken with JunoCam support the appearance of different angles as Jupiter moves. These images, which have been converted into a video, are based on images delivered to us by the virtual camera.

Of course, the NASA Jupiter video shared on YouTube is accompanied by appropriate music. The video, consisting of images of Juno, also provides a good glimpse of a new Hubble Space Telescope portrait of Jupiter. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a great pleasure to watch Jupiter.


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