NASA Saves Hubble and Telescope Returns To Collecting Space Data


NASA: Hubble has finally returned to collecting spatial data. The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced last Saturday (17) that it has saved the instrument and that the satellite is fully functional. In addition, the agency will carry out the first tests since the device began to malfunction on June 13, more than a month ago, when it went into safe mode.

According to the institution, we can expect much more from the telescope, which, with at least 31 years of history, has accumulated 1.5 million observations of the Universe, and should still remain active for a long time. To date, more than 18,000 scientific articles have been published based on the information he gathered.

“Hubble has been an icon that has provided us with an incredible perspective on the cosmos for three decades. I am proud of the teams behind the device, from current members to alumni, who have offered their support and expertise to the mission. With this thoughtful work, the equipment will continue to build its legacy, expanding our horizons with its vision of the Universe,” said Bill Nelson, the agency’s administrator.

Let there be suffocation!

Here at TecMundo, you could follow part of the Hubble recovery saga. Comings and goings marked the last few weeks, and it was even thought that the copy would not be saved. Fortunately, last Friday (16), successful repairs put it back online.

After a few more adjustments, it was time to reactivate the scientific instruments linked to the payload computer backup that came into play, replacing the original machine that stopped working. The procedure would take just over a day and, according to NASA, brought the expected results – a relief and so much for professionals of the entity and astronomy lovers around the globe.


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