NASA rover parachute carried hidden message


NASA confirmed on Tuesday (23) that the parachute of the Mars 2020 mission carried a hidden message, written in binary code. The revelation came after netizens suggested the presence of a hidden phrase in the equipment and even managed to decipher it.

Shortly after the release of the images of the landing of the Perseverance rover on the Red Planet, several publications on social networks commented on the purposeful use of the red and white patterns on the parachute. According to Internet users, the combination formed the phrase “Dare might things”, or “Dare powerful things” in free translation.

Following the rules of the binary system, in which the red bands represent number one and the white bands zero, internet users soon guessed the message hidden in the parachute. Shortly thereafter, chief engineer of Perseverance Adam Steltzner used his Twitter profile to confirm the discovery (see below): “It looks like the internet cracked the code in about 6 hours! Oh internet, is there anything you can’t do? ”, He asked.

More hidden messages?

In an interview with The Verge, one of the engineers at the Allen Chen mission said that the space agency often leaves messages hidden in the equipment to inspire others and suggested the possibility of more codes on Perseverance.

The robot also carries a plate on which is engraved the stick of Asclepius, an ancient symbol related to healing by medicine, as a tribute to health workers working to combat covid-19.

It also has a microchip with the names of millions of earthlings and a design with other equipment already launched on the Red Planet, including the Curiosity rover, which arrived there in 2012 and has a mechanism on the wheels capable of writing “JPL” in code morse on Martian soil.


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