NASA Releases Frightening Sounds of Deep Space


NASA has created a playlist with sound and data from deep space to adapt to Halloween’s ‘horror’ theme. The list in question contains some extremely spooky sounds and they are all from outer space.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a scary yet intriguing playlist for Halloween, which will be the subject of various events on Saturday, October 31st.

We can safely say that NASA’s playlist is completely different from any playlist you’ve heard before. Because in this playlist, you will hear the scary sounds of deep space, not the popular songs of recent times.

The playlist it creates with data obtained from different spacecraft and equipment, from the Chandra X-ray Observatory to the Mars explorer InSight, offers sometimes directly recorded sounds, and sometimes transformed data into sound.

The playlist published in the SoundCloud sound and music library consists of 14 different ‘tracks’. When you examine the playlist, you can find out which sound is obtained by which spacecraft or equipment and from where.

“PSST… anyone heard of it?” NASA tweeted, “We didn’t want to be scared. Our new SoundCloud playlist brings together the squeak and hum of our magnificent universe and we want to share it all with you. Go deep into space this NASA Halloween. ” officially announced the playlist in question.

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