NASA releases amazing image of the Veil Nebula


Last Friday (2), NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) released an impressive image of the Veil Nebula, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Resulting from the death of a gigantic star – whose estimated mass was 20 times greater than that of the Sun – the formation is located 2,100 light-years from Earth, and the scattered material is what is left about 10,000 years after an explosion that devoured everything in its path.

The photo is not unprecedented, since its first publication was made by the American agency six years ago, in 2015. In any case, additional processing of raw data generated by Hubble provided scientists with a detailed view of the gas waves present in the region. “To create this color image, we used five different filters in observations of the Wide Field Camera 3”, explains the entity, highlighting the instrument handled by the team, part of the telescope.

“The new post-processing methods have further improved the details of double-ionized oxygen emissions (seen here in blue tones), ionized hydrogen and ionized nitrogen (in red variations)”, adds the institution. The result you can see below.

“Amazing astronomical beauty!”

Nebulae are just another stage in the life of stars and planets, even though they seem to be the end of objects. This is because, at some point, they end up gathering in increasingly compact clusters and have the potential to originate new systems in a slow process lasting billions of years.

As for the environment highlighted by the capture, NASA says, the deceased star had a quick existence and died young, and the shock waves from the event “sculpted the delicate arabesque” displayed today, “creating a scenario of surprising astronomical beauty.”


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