NASA Launches Mission To Detour Asteroid in 2022


NASA: The North American space agency (NASA) launched in the early hours of this Wednesday (24) the Dart (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), a spacecraft that should crash into the asteroid Dimorphos in 2022. This is an experiment to prove if it is possible to change the route of a space object and guarantee the defense of planet Earth.

The spacecraft was loaded by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and took off at 3:20 am at Vandenbern Base, California. The moment was broadcast live on NASA’s channel and SpaceX’s Twitter. Look:

“Dart will only change the asteroid’s orbit period a little bit. And really that’s all that’s needed in case a real danger is discovered well in advance,” explained Kelly Fast, NASA Department of Planetary Defense member.

It is noteworthy that the asteroid Dimorphos does not pose a real threat to Earth. The space object is actually considered a NEO (Near Earth Objects), celestial bodies that approach the planet but have no chance of colliding with the Earth’s surface for the next 100 years.