NASA Image Shows Passage of Hurricane Ida Across The US


An image captured by NASA this Monday morning (30) shows Hurricane Ida moving inland from southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi and southern Alabama. Since its appearance on Sunday (29), the tropical storm can be seen in photos taken from the International Space Station.

The observation of climatological events from space provides a unique insight, with valuable information for understanding meteorological phenomena. In the United States, images are shared with partner agencies such as the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help understand hurricanes and inform disaster preparedness and response.

Small but devastating hurricane

Hurricane Ida is likely to be one of the worst extreme weather events of 2021, a year already filled with heat waves, forest fires, droughts and storms. The strong winds tore roofs off buildings, caused flooding and left the entire city of New Orleans in darkness, recalling the passage of Hurricane Katrina that occurred 16 years ago.

Despite being smaller than its predecessor, the Ida can have an equivalent destruction potential. Even with extra protection on the levees of much of Louisiana, structural inequalities and vulnerabilities remain, and Latino and black communities are still at high risk for hurricanes like this one.


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