NASA: how to track the first flight of Ingenuity on Mars


NASA: After a long wait, the Ingenuity helicopter will finally take off on Mars this Sunday (11). The first test will be carried out in a region called Van Zyl Overlook, which will allow a good view of the aerodrome that was chosen by the Mars Mission team.

In all, 5 flights will be performed, with this initial. The idea of ​​NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is to check the equipment’s ability to carry out air travel in Martian territory.

Helicopter Ingenuity

The objective of the undertaking is to capture photos, sound and videos of the planet. The records will be unheard of for world science, since much of the environment on Mars is still a mystery to researchers.

The event is purely conceptual and, if successful, will provide an excellent perspective for future missions. A good performance from Ingenuity can define new drone projects to further explore the Red Planet.

How to track the flight of Ingenuity

The Ingenuity flight will not be broadcast with live images of the drone itself, however, NASA will do a special live to confirm the steps of takeoff and landing. If the helicopter takes off on Sunday, the Space Agency live will have experts to comment on the operation and analyze all the data and details.

The broadcast will take place on the NASA application, on the website and on YouTube and Facebook channels. Despite the possibility of seeing the comments and analysis of the technicians, the streaming will take place at a very different time: Monday (12), around 4:30 am (Brasília time). See the transmission in the video below:

Another live commentary is scheduled to take place a little later, around noon next Monday.