NASA Discovered a Huge Hurricane in Jupiter


NASA Discovered a Huge Hurricane in Jupiter. NASA’s Juno spacecraft discovered a huge tornado in the southern pole of Jupiter. Scientists noticed the hurricane trying to make Juno a critical maneuver.

Scientists from NASA announced on November 3, 2019 that they discovered a huge tornado in the southern pole of Jupiter. Scott Bolton, NASA’s chief researcher for the Juno spacecraft, said that creativity and analytical thinking once again helped NASA. Bolton, during the discovery of Juno’nun trying to collect data 3 thousand 500 kilometers away from the planet, at this time, the orbit of the spacecraft carried Jupiter’s shadow, they said. Since Juno was working with solar energy, this was a big risk.

Bolton said that if this happens, there may be major problems in Juno. Scientists, the research team is looking for ways to protect energy and keep the nucleus warm, while the engineers ‘jumping from the shadow of Jupiter’ developed the idea, he said.

Juno made his discovery during this maneuver:

Alessandro Mura of the National Institute of Astrophysics in Rome, who worked for Juno, announced that the hurricane was discovered by Juno’s Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM). Mura says the new hurricane is the size of the state of Texas, and points out that it is larger than six previously discovered hurricanes. New information from JIRAM may indicate the transition from a pentagonal scheme to a hexagonal scheme.

Cheng Li from the University of California, who works for Juno, points out that the hurricanes have never seen before in Jupiter. Noting that they see a new physics of fluid movements, Li says that they have also gained new insight into how the atmospheres of giant planets like Jupiter work.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft was launched from Florida on August 5, 2011, and was placed in Jupiter’s orbit on July 4, 2016.

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