NASA Discovered a Huge Magnetic Imbalance in Space


NASA recently discovered magnetic abnormalities in space close to our planet. The spacecraft used in the mission launched by NASA in 2015 played an important role in the discovery of these abnormalities.

It cannot be said that we fit into our planet as humanity. Scientists and researchers have been studying space for a long time, even performing manned tasks in space. Manned and unmanned missions provide us with information for many important researches.

One of these studies examines a phenomenon called ‘magnetic reconnection,’ which is said to be vital. The purpose of these studies is to investigate the effect of reconnection on the surface temperature of the Sun and to examine the photovoltaic winds.

Magnetic irregularities were discovered in space:
Although magnetic reconnection seems to have skyrocketed from science fiction and thriller movies, it’s actually not a bad thing. This is an event that has been previously observed on the magnetic shielding shield of our planet. The newly discovered magnetic coupling was an extension of the magnetosphere with unstable photovoltaic winds.

NASA researchers state that detailed investigation of particles in this region will assist astronomers at many points. It is stated that we owe the investigation of this phenomenon to the spacecraft called Magnetospheric Multiple Scale (MMS) which continues its activities in this region.

The vehicle without any surface connection has recorded many celestial bodies and these activities. Thanks to these data, experts have been able to observe many asteroids that could have a fatal effect on the planet to date.

5th year in space:
The vehicle, MMS, which observed abnormalities, was sent to space by NASA in 2015. The vehicle, sent on March 12, 2015, examines the ruptures and reconnections experienced in magnetic fields in space. Meanwhile, it continues to resist the harsh climate and harsh conditions of space.

The vehicle, which has reached a height of close to 180 thousand kilometers and broke the highest altitude record reached for a vehicle with fixed GPS, consists of 4 modules that are identical and assembled in a pyramid. Thanks to these modules, the vehicle can make magnetic field examinations in 3D.


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