NASA converts visual data from galaxies into sounds


Converting visual data into sounds, NASA unveiled a new series of sonications last Wednesday (24). Thus, “space music” allows people to have a totally different experience when viewing images of galaxies and black holes.

The three new “compositions” were created from data collected by the Chandra X-ray Observatory and other NASA space telescopes. Then, a team of scientists had the support of musician Andrew Santaguida to create the material.

The play Chandra Deep Field South shows an enlarged view of the southern hemisphere of the sky. According to NASA, this is the deepest image ever taken in x-rays and represents more than seven million seconds of space observation time.

At the lighter end of the sound spectrum, red colors have more acute tones, purple colors have lower tones and white colors carry white noise. Thus, sonification resembles the sci-fi soundtracks of the 1980s.


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