NASA: Astronauts on Mars Will Use Lasers to Communicate with Earth


NASA plans a Mars mission until the mid-2030s. NASA announced that astronauts who will go to Mars will use laser instead of radio waves to communicate with Earth.

NASA continues to work on the Mars mission, which it announced will be held until the mid-2030s. With the new statement, the communication technology to be used by astronauts who will go to the Red Planet with the mission of Mars has been announced. According to the statement made by NASA, laser technology will be used in the communication of astronauts with the Earth. NASA has already begun to build an antenna for laser communication.

NASA has used radio waves to communicate with astronauts in space for decades. NASA now wants to develop laser technology that will provide a more robust and high-speed connection instead of this technology. “Lasers can bring about 10 times more data than radio waves to Mars,” said Suzanne Dodd, director of the laser project.

As the first leg of the construction where NASA started, a 112 meter wide satellite dish is being built in Goldstone, California. Similar satellite dishes will be constructed elsewhere after Goldstone.

Laser communication technology will be tested before people go to Mars. NASA will try laser communication on the Psyche mission. In the Psyche mission, which will take place in 2022, an example of an asteroid orbiting the Sun will be attempted.


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