NASA Asks Students to Innovate Ideas for Moon and Mars Missions


NASA asks students to suggest recommendations to help design new technologies for Moon and Mars missions. Ideas from students will be evaluated within a competition and the winners will be rewarded.

NASA is open to all possible help to ensure crew Moon and Mars missions run smoothly. The space agency is holding a new competition that encourages students to explore and develop space travel technology.

NASA is holding a contest called Moon to Mars Exploration Systems and Habitation Academic Innovation Challenge (M2M X-Hab) where university students can develop space travel technology and offer innovations. This competition will offer applied design, research and development opportunities for university students interested in the aviation and space industry.

The competition will reward studies on basic systems such as settling on other planets, spacecraft, advanced robotic missions, autonomous mission technology and remote production, and manned spaceflight architecture. The awards range from $ 15,000 to $ 50,000.

The reward NASA will offer to students looks rather modest. However, the Space Agency stressed that discoveries may not be limited to concrete products. For example, student research may also include solutions that fill information gaps or reduce risks. The deadline for the submissions from the students was announced on April 24.

The competition can bring a huge breakthrough to NASA’s Moon and Mars missions. M2M X-Hab can offer different solutions to problems related to traveling between planets and survival.

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