Naruto Shippuden: See Which Episodes Are Fillers


Watching Naruto Shippuden is still synonymous with a lot of fun, adrenaline and some tears. But you can save a lot of time by avoiding fillers (non-canonical episodes) to accompany the original story of the manga, conceived by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto Shippuden, the teen stage anime saga of the ninja from the hidden village of the leaf, ended in 2017 with 500 episodes, but with several fillers in the list (episodes produced so that the print releases can follow the TV).

First-time viewers may still want to have the full experience of all the episodes, but those who want to recall the best fights and scenes may be irritated by the side stories. After all, of the 500 episodes total, 205 episodes of Naruto Shippuden are fillers, about 41% of the saga.

To help you on this journey, we’ve carried out a thorough analysis that shows you all the filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden that you can quietly skip if you like, without fear of getting lost in the story.

Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes

It is normal that the original story is much more attractive than the fillers, which, in addition to not being idealized by the creator of Naruto, do not advance the plot. However, of course we can take advantage of many of the stories. That’s why we’ve separated the list of filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden with little details, in case you want to give some of them a chance — and discover some of the characters’ secrets.

“Beasts! Alive Again!” (episode 28) — Sakura and Naruto join Yamato in pursuit of Orochimaru
Bow: Twelve Ninja Guardians (episodes 57-71) — Naruto must find secret grave robbers guarding the bodies of the 12 Guardian Ninjas
Arc: Apparition of the Three-Tails (Episodes 91-112) — Teams Kakashi, Kurenai, and Guren must battle and seal the Sanbi
Arc: Six-Tails Release (episodes 144-151) — The new Team 7 meets Hotaru, a girl with a forbidden jutsu
Bow: The Quest for the Room’s Legacy! (episodes 170 and 171) — Sakura, Naruto, Chouji, Ino and Shikamaru go in search of the legacy of the Fourth Hokage
Past Arch: The Place of Konoha (episodes 176-196) — Iruka reminisces about Naruto’s time at the Ninja Academy, with other mementos from the characters’ past.
Arc: Paradise Life on a Boat (Episodes 223 to 242) — Naruto and his friends face a ghost ship
Episodes “Date” (257), “Rivals” (258), “Crack” (259) and “Farewell” (260) — As a child, Naruto confronts the Third Hokage about why he is an orphan
“Sakura’s Path” (episode 271) — An Omake (special manga content, but not canonical) focused on Sakura and her temporary amnesia
“White Zetsu Trap” to “The Allied Force of Mothers!” (episodes 279 to 281) — Focused on discoveries about white Zetsu and fighting Deidara — episodes 280 and 281 were directed by Kishimoto
“Jinin Akebino from Kabutowari!” to “The Swords of Lightning: Ringo Ameyuri!” (episodes 284 to 294) + Bow: Power (episode 295) — Two small bows: Bee and Naruto set off from Turtle Island, and Chikara, one of the audience’s most praised filler bows
“Ghosts of the Past” to “Run, Omoi!” (episodes 303 to 320) — Various fights against the dead brought to life by Kabuto’s Impure Reincarnation
“Creepy Shadows” through “Team Seven” (episodes 347-361)—Arc focused on the story of Kakashi, with details about his stint at ANBU and choosing who would be the Fourth Hokage
“Extra Edition: Instructions for Capturing the Nine Tails” (episode 376) and “Extra Edition: Naruto vs Naruto Robot” (episode 377) — Naruto faces a robot copy created by Orochimaru
“My First Friend” (episode 388), “Beloved Big Sister” (episode 389), and “The Decision of Hanabi” (episode 390) — Highlight the bond between sisters Hinata and Hanabi as a child
“The New Chunin Exams” through “Hope for the Future” (Episodes 394–413)—Focused on the New Chunin Exams
“Team Minato Formation” (episode 416) and “You’re My Support” (episode 417) — Kakashi’s past as seen by Obito before the time they were coached by Minato
“Those Who Will Inherit” (episode 422) and “Naruto’s Rival” (episode 423) — Konohamaru Begins Learning Naruto’s Rasengan Technique
“Inside the World of Dreams” through “Rival” (episodes 427-450) — Ten Ten and other characters are trapped in the Realm of Infinite Nightmare
“The Ninja Creed” through “The Successor” (episodes 464 to 468) + “A Special Quest” (episode 469) — Stories focused on Hagoromo and his time + S rank Quest from Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura
“Naruto and Hinata” (episode 480), “Sasuke and Sakura” (episode 481), “Gaara and Shikamaru” (episode 482) and “Jiraiya and Kakashi” (episode 483)—Tell details of the childhood of several important characters

Naruto Shippuden semi-canonical episodes

Fillers are non-canonical episodes because they don’t follow the original work, which is the manga. But what about the semicanonicals? These are episodes that, despite the majority of the story being taken from the manga, also have excerpts and scenes focused on an exclusive and “apart” plot. It’s important not to skip these chapters, as you might end up missing a thing or two — even if it’s just Naruto sitting on the swing.

See the list:


How to Watch Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is certainly one of the most important animes in pop culture, essential on any recommendation list, along with Dragon Ball and One Piece. If you’re watching the show for the first time or have plenty of time, it might be worth taking a chance and seeing all 500 episodes. After all, it’s Naruto!

However, it is important to note that, if you have a more busy routine, it is better to evaluate the episodes following our filler episode tips or, just like those who are already watching a second time, skip all the fillers and be happy.

The complete Naruto Shippuden is available in Brazil at Crunchyroll and has parts in the Netflix catalogue, dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese.