Naruto Shippuden: 20 Best Anime Episodes To Watch


Naruto Shippuden: After nine seasons focused on the childhood of Naruto Uzumaki and his friends, in 2007, Naruto Shippuden debuted on TV Tokyo. Years later, in 2017, season 20 came to an end, reaching the incredible 500-episode mark.

And as the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) pointed out, fans voted, through their ratings, the top twenty anime episodes to watch.

So, check out below which are the best episodes of Naruto Shippuden and what is most striking in each of them!

20. Episode 165: Kyuubi Capture Complete (8.9)

Most of the episode focuses on a conversation between Naruto and Pain, which ensures a good dynamic between them and presents the audience with some very interesting questions about what was going on internally with the protagonist at that time.

19. Episode 175: The Hero of the Leaf (9.0)

In some ways, this episode presents a redemption for Naruto after being constantly forgotten in his own village. In this way, he is seen the way he always dreamed: as a true hero respected by everyone.

18. Episode 364: Those Connected (9.0)

In a very agile way, there are many contagious action moments during this episode, as several blows known to the public, mentioned in several moments of the series, are finally seen.

17. Episode 164: Danger! Sennin Mode Disappears (9.1)

Pain’s arc in Konohagakure yielded episodes remembered by fans to this day, including this one, in which Naruto needed to strategically articulate himself in all directions to achieve his goals.

16. Episode 339: I’ll Always Love You (9.1)

Itachi has always been controversial, but this episode has given him a kind of redemption. Sasuke finally managed to discover the whole truth about his brother and understood everything that had caused him to have such mixed feelings before.

15. Episode 421: The Hermit of the Six Paths (9.1)

Naruto and Sasuke have the chance to unconsciously come into contact with Hagoromo Otsutsuki, an ancient shinobi who is very important in many contexts. In this way, the pair are guided on a journey of self-knowledge.

14. Episode 248: The Deadly Battle of the Fourth Hokage (9.2)

Functioning as an episode of contextualization, amidst several flashbacks, the audience is transported directly to the night Naruto was born. The point of view is guided by Minato.

13. Episode 166: Confession (9.2)

Although the anime is not romance-centric, in this episode, Hinata finally confesses her feelings to Naruto. And all of this happens in a very emotional way, as she was trying to protect him from Pain.

12. Episode 138: The End (9.2)

The episode’s title is quite interesting when considering the personal arc of Sasuke, one of the most important characters in the anime. In this way, Itachi and Sasuke face off in a completely visceral fight.

11. Episode 167: Chibaku Tensei (9.2)

The shinobi technique that entitles this episode is only used by those who have the Rinnegan. With a misunderstanding in sight, Pain is forced to use this grandiose power to contain Naruto’s fury. However, as seen in the series, this was not enough.

10. Episode 168: Fourth Hokage (9.2)

Directly continuing the previous episode in it, the script delves even further into Naruto’s confused mind. There are also important discoveries made by the character, such as his personal relationship with the Fourth Hokage.

9. Episode 345: I’m in Hell (9.2)

Following the list, there is also an episode dedicated to filling in some gaps regarding Obito Uchiha’s past and all of his sacrifices made during his lifetime.

8. Episode 474: Congratulations (9.2)

Focused on Kakashi Hatake’s Team Seven, the episode shows the union between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura as they try to stop Kaguya alongside their shinobi master. With a lot of wit, they all articulate themselves in their final objective.

7. Episode 478: The Symbol of Union (9.2)

Naruto and Sasuke have a very important bond and, in this episode, there is a very impressive battle combined with a philosophical discussion about the paths that both should follow.

6. Episode 322: Uchiha Madara (9.3)

As the episode’s title suggests, the focus is entirely on the story of one of the most powerful shinobi seen in the anime. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Madara Uchiha managed to revive himself to face the Fourth Division alone in a surprising way.

5. Episode 249: Thank you (9.3)

As well as some of the highlighted episodes in the list, “Thank you” presented a little more about the past history of Naruto, precisely because the figure of Kushina Uzumaki appears to give details about the subject.

4. Episode 375: Kakashi Vs. Obito (9.3)

The episode’s title evidences a battle between two great shinobi, in this case Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha. As the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that the latter was being controlled by Madara.

3. Episode 476: The Final Battle (9.3)

The Fourth Shinobi World War left devastating consequences for many of the main characters. And the clashes that defined the outcome of the conflict showed how Naruto was directly related to all these issues.

2. Episode 477: Naruto and Sasuke (9.5)

In addition to being one of the highest rated episodes by fans of the series on IMDb, this was also one of TV Tokyo’s highest-rated episodes for the anime. In it, there is a battle between the two characters that most faced each other during the series, culminating in something epic and grand in every way. Obviously, the audience felt part of it.

1. Episode 133: The Tale of the Fearless Jiraiya (9.5)

And to close the list, according to the IMDb rankings, “The Tale of the Fearless Jiraiya” is the best episode of Naruto Shippuden. The character, who has been a fan favorite for a long time, has his ending displayed in a bleak way.

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