Naruto receives the perfect tribute in Animal Crossing


Can you imagine a cross-over between Naruto and Animal Crossing? If you are a fan of the anime series or video game, you are about to see it.

A Reddit user nicknamed Xnd991 has managed to create an Animal Crossing island in the style of Naruto, with buildings, items and streets from the series. It has even included the protagonist!

Naruto is seen in Animal Crossing in this tribute

The creativity of the project has no limits, as you can see in the photographs in the Reddit publication, each element is modified to the most minute detail to recreate the streets of the towns that appear in the Naruto anime.

If you regularly play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have the opportunity to visit this town because its creator wanted to share the code for their island: DA-3778-5749-2813. In his own words, as collected from ComicBook, “it is still a work in progress and will be updating different areas” with the passage of time.

We are sure that it must have cost you a great deal of time and effort to complete such a work. The level of detail is simply astonishing. What do you think of this recreation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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