Naruto fans go viral during their Akatsuki wedding


Naruto is not known for his romance shows, but that doesn’t mean anime fans haven’t turned the show into something soft. At some point, most couples tend to find a program that defines them, and stays with them while their love lasts.

Of course, this means that some of these shows are incorporated into the vows of a couple, but a wedding is going viral for its tribute to Naruto, and most importantly, to his best villains.

As you can see, the bride wore a beautiful white dress with a high neckline. Worshiped with beads, the dress blends perfectly with the bride’s jewelry and collected hair, while the groom dresses much simpler, but fans can only see the red and black Akatsuki cape he is wearing.

The couple’s relatives also wore Akatsuki capes regardless of their age, there is no limit to joining the Akatsuki, and that is true whether you are a newly married ninja or a rogue.

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