Naomi Olindo of Southern Charm calls a date with ex Craig Conover a “temporary consolation”


All eyes are on Naomi Olindo and Craig Conover when “Southern Charm” returns in season 8 after the exes hooked up before the cameras started rolling.

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“I was surprised by how much attention was paid to this in the episode, because I think other people attached much more importance to it than it was for me and Craig,” Naomi, 29, exclusively told Us Weekly before the season 8 premiere. “It was kind of a time and place where it was like, ‘OK, I know you, I trust you, we were both like we just broke up.’ “Oh, we need to be together again, blah blah.” It was like a consolation-a very temporary consolation.”

Last month, Craig’s current girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, confirmed rumors that the creator of Sewing Down South slept with his ex-girlfriend in Las Vegas before the “Winter House” partners became exclusive.

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“I think Paige’s world, I think she’s great,” Naomi continued. “I think they seem very happy together, and I’m so happy for him, and I was surprised to see people trying to Page me against each other, because it really shouldn’t be like that. I think any misunderstandings you’ll see throughout the season were so unnecessary because of people prying into other people’s ears and all that. I think if you’d just left it to me and Paige, we’d be great friends.

The L’abeye designer dated Craig from time to time during seasons 3 and 4 of Southern Charm, calling him quitting in 2017. Naomi contacted Craig after her messy breakup with Metul Shah in July 2021. Paige, what’s wrong with my sewing? The author, meanwhile, has been dating since May 2021, but did not officially declare his relationship until early autumn.

“We’re friendly,” Naomi said of the Summer House star. “We don’t like, you know, hanging out on weekends or anything like that, but I like to follow her on Instagram. I think she has a great style. I like the things she posts. I think she’s great. It’s something like there are boundaries, but everything is fine.”

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Fans will also see the dynamics of Paige and Naomi in the upcoming season of “Southern Charm,” including their first meeting at Catherine Dennis’ birthday party in the premiere.

“She was so sweet and it wasn’t awkward at all,” she told Us. “I think that over the course of the season, you’ll see Paige and I having a few conversations where we, like, don’t understand each other, because, as I said, there are just a lot of different people in people’s ears, and one person said one thing, another person said another. So some of them were just a misunderstanding. You’ll have to see.”

Southern Charm returns to Bravo on Thursday, June 23, at 21:00 ET.