Naoil (Koh-Lanta 2020) tells about her difficult childbirth!


It’s been two weeks since Naoil gave birth to her baby Aylan. And all did not go as planned. The young woman suffered a lot. She therefore returns as a story to tell about her difficult childbirth. She gives us some details.

And when you listen to her story you feel a lot of pain in her. She begins by explaining that her son did not want to be born. So the doctors are planning an induction so that she can give birth safely.

She spends 5 days in the hospital but nothing helps. Naoil’s son doesn’t want to go out. However, the doctors inject her with an intravenous drug to induce labor. Normally, with this product, the birth should happen.

But the ultimate problem, her son is not well positioned. It would be too dangerous to have a vaginal birth. So the doctors tell her: she’s going to have to do a cesarean. And at this moment, the tears rise in the young mother.


We feel that a lot of emotions are going through the young mother. “That’s why I waited to tell you about it,” she explains. But as she says “but life is beautiful, my prince is beautiful.” I forget everything now. But despite that, the memories are still there.

Obviously, Naoil does not give us more details. However, she would like to thank the Foch hospital where she gave birth. “Thank you to the doctors, the midwives, the childcare auxiliaries. Everyone has been awesome. ”

Naoil therefore has fond memories of the hospital staff. But she also wishes to thank all her subscribers. Because they accompanied her that week to the hospital and she says, “Your messages got me through all of this. ”

So it is with great affection and emotion that she says a big thank you to everyone and apologizes for not being able to respond to everyone. But she promises it: they will see her very quickly resume sport, dancing and songs and all that in a good mood.


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