Nantes: 500 students tested after an integration weekend!


The start of the 2020 school year already has a special taste. Indeed, in August you were already warned that the pandemic would disrupt it!

Still, that didn’t stop some from keeping their New Year’s party going! Difficult to maintain a distance of one meter in this context …

So just one positive case is enough for many people to be infected … Maintaining an integration weekend is a big risk!

However, 500 medical students from the Faculty of Nantes did not want to give up this tradition … At the same time, for this branch of study, this custom is sacred!

Remember that for years, medical students have had to calm down… Indeed, justice has prohibited certain hazing practices!


This Monday, August 7, 500 students from the Nantes medical school will be tested. Indeed, during their weekend ’, nine positive cases were in the lot!

Thus, the university did not want to take any risks: everyone should get tested! The students therefore had to go near their university to be tested!

Indeed, a site has opened especially for them … We hope that there will not be too many positive cases!

The president of the Regional Health Agency reacted for 20 minutes, saying: “These kinds of events are times of risk. We still have to work to get the right messages across on barrier gestures. ”

While waiting for the results, these third year students will have to stay at home. They will still have access to distance learning courses!

However, the ARS strongly advised them not to go for an internship! A good initiative when you know that they are going to hospitals!


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