Nancy Drew: Authors talk about season 2 challenges


In a recent interview with TV Insider, the screenwriters Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau, by Nancy Drew, spoke about the biggest challenges during the second season of the series. The investigative production debuts on Wednesday (20) by The CW.

According to Melinda Hsu Taylor, the coronavirus pandemic provided a useful time for the work on the series to be developed in a better way. “It was unexpected, no matter how much the pandemic tried to [disrupt the work] in other departments and our team,” she revealed.

“And with the extra time, we were able to plan the episodes more in advance,” said the screenwriter, adding that, with that, she and her team left several interesting references for the audience throughout the season. “We were able to strengthen the narrative arcs,” she recalled.

His titular partner, Noga Landau, highlighted the commitment of all those involved with the security measures imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on the set. “Lily Hui is our main producer and we’ve been checking to see if her name appears in every interview, because we really want her to be remembered. Lily is fantastic, ”she commented.

What can the audience expect from season 2 of Nancy Drew?

According to Melinda and Noga, we will have a new love interest for Nancy (played by Kennedy McMann). It will be Gill Bobbsey (Praneet Akilla), who arrives in the series in the first episode of the 2nd season with his twin sister Amanda (Aadila Dosani). The characters will be very important for the narrative construction of the new wave of episodes.

“The Bobbsey twins have a very sad and mysterious past story, which they themselves must solve mysteriously,” said Melinda Hsu Taylor. In her view, the public will hope that researchers will help them with all these issues.

Created by Josh Schwartz, Nancy Drew is based on the iconic character of Edward Stratemeyer. The second season of the series opens this Wednesday (20), on The CW.


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