Nanatsu no Taizai: Merlin or Diane?


Merlin and Diane are two of Meliodas’ closest allies in Nanatsu no Taizai. But which of them is the best character?

Merlin and Diane are the most loyal supporting characters of the Seven Deadly Sins captain, Meliodas. The future Queen of the Giants, was the first sin to meet her in her quest to re-form the group; while the sorceress has been by her side for thousands of years.

Merlin even befriended Elizabeth’s past reincarnations and is the one who stands out a lot for her abilities in the Nanatsu no Taizai anime. Each woman brings different qualities to the group, either through merit or personality, which greatly enriches it.

To accurately assess which is better, we must analyze the facts and the cases in which both have had a chance to shine. By comparing the two, we find out which of them is a better supporting character and in the end you can also vote for your favorite.

Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai

When Gloxinia and Drole devised a test to weigh the merits of King and Diane, the only way out was to avoid making the same decision that their historical counterpart made without knowing what that choice might have been.

Simultaneously, if either of them dies in re-enactment, they would also die in the real world. When Zeldris defeated Diane and gave her the same option Drole had, there didn’t seem to be a plausible solution.

Consequently, Diane created her own, fleeing the battle and avoiding the taboo of “cowardice” that prevailed in the giant race. You can see that scene in anime season 4, which is available on Netflix.

Diane and Elizabeth

Despite being shrunk to the size of a wrist, Diane showed incredible courage in the face of danger. Determined to rid Meliodas of his relationship with Elizabeth, Chandler rushed her and attempted to deliver a blow that would have claimed her life.

However, the giant used “Heavy Metal” on her body, making her strong enough to withstand the brunt of the impact. Diane would also take on a more aggressive role in the fight; as she struck her attacker relentlessly with her fists.

Diane and Gowther

Unable to properly process his emotions for fear of suffering the pain of loss once again, Gowther did not understand the intimacy Diane and King shared. As a consequence, he would erase the giant’s memories soon after, reestablishing the relationship between him and his fairy companion once again.

After reliving the past through Drole’s eyes, Diane was able to understand what she had been through. Rather than hold a grudge, she knew he needed company rather than retaliation, putting aside the serious damage he had done her and offering to be his friend.

Diane and the Clan of the Giants

Unlike Merlin, Diane is not a model for her people. Their values ​​of empathy, kindness, and willingness to retreat when necessary stand in stark contrast to the giant’s rigid philosophy of relentless battle, until they meet their demise.

After a battle in which Matrona was poisoned by the treacherous Holy Knights and was left on the brink of death. Only one person could help her; her future partner, Zalpa. He was a savage Diane had forgiven in a previous fight and if it weren’t for his mercy, Matrona would have perished.

Diane: Character Development

Diane’s growth is more than physical. Throughout the series, she has overcome her envy of Meliodas (as she had previously wished to be with him), her insecurity as a “lesser” giant, and even the many obstacles that had separated her and King from being together.

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Just as important, her power has also seen a dramatic increase, first from receiving her Gideon and then from Drole’s lessons. This contrasts with Merlin’s personality and abilities, which have remained mostly static throughout Nanatsu no Taizai.

Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins

The daughter of wizards and a child prodigy, Merlin’s abilities attracted the attention of the Supreme Deity and the Demon King, the rulers of the angel and demon races respectively. Interested in recruiting her to their cause, each offered their gifts to greatly enhance her power.

Instead of being carried away in either direction, she simply took both gifts for herself. Although this would lead to the destruction of her homeland, she lived to tell the tale, avoiding the wrath of the gods and their servants for millennia to come.

Merlin and Arthur

The destined savior of humanity, Merlin’s loyalty to King Arthur and Camelot is especially relevant. She is willing to put Escanor’s affection for him aside, even risking her own life to save him by appearing amidst the four wildest warriors of the Demon Realm (one of whom was able to defeat her and the rest of the Sins for Itself).

Merlin’s desire to cultivate Arthur’s potential not only shows a concern for the realms beyond Liones, but shows that he has foresight and can understand what the boy is capable of in the right hands.

Merlin and her “Perfect Cube”

Merlin’s “Perfect Cube” provides an invaluable defense for Sins, one that is capable of protecting less durable people or concentrating a fight in a certain area without destroying everything around them.

This was used against Galand to protect the weaker members; when Ban and Meliodas satisfied their grudge fight. Later between Meliodas and Escanor, who together would gather enough strength to break the ground beneath their feet. If it weren’t for this utility, the group would face many more unnecessary dangers.

Merlin vs the 10 Commandments

Grayroad’s command of pacifism made her an opponent almost impossible to destroy. It had all the durability of the other nine demons, though anyone who dared to strike it would quickly age and wither away.

The only Nanatsu no Taizai character who was able to get around this was Merlin, and she was effectively immortal. Because there was no limit to how many years it would live, it could not be withered by the demon’s spell.

Furthermore, the blessings of the goddess and the demon races protected her from him, making her possibly the only person who could have defeated the demon (save for Ban).

Merlin: Magical Items

Merlin offers the Seven Deadly Sins more than direct offensive and defensive utilities: she supports them through a host of magical elements, which help her friends to integrate during daily life.

Examples include Escanor’s goggles, which can contain her terrifying power even during the day, and Diane’s size manipulation. The latter is particularly useful when you want to join the group in activities that your size would otherwise make impossible, such as caring for an injured ally or participating in the fighting festival.


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