Namjoon becomes an influence on Korean culture


BTS’s RM becomes a huge cultural influence in South Korea, the idol inspired commemorative boxes after visiting a museum.

The leader of the K-pop group is characterized by his love of art and culture, he is a fan of some famous literary works and writers such as the great Haruki Murakami, of Japanese origin. The idol even shared with ARMY that he began studies in Modern Art, since it is an area that he enjoys and therefore his country takes advantage of the influence it has on young people.

Through social media, it was revealed that BTS’s Namjoon became a tourist attraction for the Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, a place he visited last October. The idol is known for enjoying art, book, and collection exhibitions within the culture, which has inspired ARMY to learn more about his favorite hobby.

The administration of the place decided to place various commemorative plaques to thank the idol’s visit, in addition to making it a type of influence within the museum, in order to promote visits, tourism and demonstrate that culture is a national treasure that everyone can enjoy.


The plaques were placed in the halls and areas where the idol took photos, which he shared on the platforms where he interacts with ARMY. From the library, outdoor spaces, and an exhibition room, RM enjoyed the artistic attractions of the place.

It is not the first time that the figure of the idol is an impulse for artists, since recently it was announced that she acquired a painting with great economic value, the work of a local painter. The group also uses Korean traditional music in order to capture the history of their country through their work. ARMY will be able to visit this place and take a photo in the same places as Namjoon.

It is not the first time that Namjoon has some influence on the culture, the leader of BTS has made some literary recommendations to invite ARMY to learn more about the world of books.


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