The name that placed the secret message in Bitcoin spoke: History repeats itself


The name, which placed a message in the last block before the block, in which the halving of the block prize took place in Bitcoin, made statements about the subject.

While ‘Halving’ was the most anticipated event of the year, a mysterious message was placed from the F2Pool mining pool to the blockchain.

In the message that started with a picture of the fish stating the company’s logo, the mining pool showed the title of the New York Times Newspaper dated 9 April 2020:

“NYTimes 09 / April / 2020 2.3 Trillion Dollar Support Package Made a Difference to the 2008 Recovery Plan”

Of course, the meaning of this message is clear. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, also placed a message in the first block, referring to the 2008 crisis and implying that BTC will address all these problems.

Fortunately, F2Pool was the firm that removed the last block and won the prize just before the ‘halving’ on Monday. Soon after, they placed the message with this right they obtained.

“History repeats itself”
At the ‘Consensus: Distributed’ conference of CoinDesk, where F2Pool co-founder Wang Chun spoke about the issue; he said that this idea was his own and that they found and agreed on the message after seriously scanning the headlines of the last few months.

Wang Chun replied, “History repeats itself. As Satsohi saw in 2008, we are now seeing many recovery packages ahead of the coronavirus. However, the current ones are on a larger scale… As if Bitcoin was recreated… ”

As you may remember, in 2009, when the first code of Bitcoin was created, Satoshi Nakamoto placed the message “The Times 03 / January / 2009 on the Verge of the Second Recovery Package for Chancellor Banks” to the first block.

The reason for placing this message was not to be against the bailout of banks. The aim was to show that Bitcoin is a tool to fix corruption and problems in today’s financial system.

Finally, Chun said, “Bitcoin has given its control and freedom back to people for the first time since banks took it over 100 years ago.” said.


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