Name change on Google Play Movies and TV


Google announced that it has changed the name of its own application, Google Play Movies and TV. In its statement, the company stated that the application will be branded as Google TV from now on, and the change will start first in the USA.

Google Play Movies and TV becomes Google TV

The company announced that it will take a new naming route for its application for Android users, Google Play Movies and TV. First of all, no information has yet been leaked or disclosed about which countries and when this name change will be active on the USA. However, it is predicted that it will soon be available to users around the world.

After this move by Google, it seems that it can rename the Google Play Store and Google Play Books applications. Because with the history of Google’s music application, Play Movies and TV started to lose a lot of power in the entertainment industry. However, the possibility of renaming for Google Play Store does not seem very likely.

With this name change, Google, which wants to strengthen its hand against online streaming platforms, will be successful in this move, we will see all together in the coming days.

On the other hand, the name change was reflected in the logo of the application. Just click here to take a closer look at the other changes and download the application if you wish.


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