Name Calling Bankers “Thief” Receives Bitcoin


Godfrey Bloom also joined the caravan of those who switched to Bitcoin investment with the fear of rising inflation. A 70-year-old former member of the European Parliament, known for his negative attitude towards banks, announced that he invested in Bitcoin.

British politician Godfrey Bloom tweeted yesterday that he made his first Bitcoin investment last week. Bloom, who served in the European Parliament on behalf of Yorkshire and Humber between 2004 and 2014, announced that he had stepped into Bitcoin; He also said that he made heavy gold and silver investments. In a previous statement, he said that 65% of his portfolio was covered by gold, 8% by silver and the rest by real estate.

Godfey Bloom stated that he is open to learning more about cryptocurrencies and even invited cryptocurrency commentators and pioneers for an interview on his Youtube channel, which has 13,000 subscribers. Although it is not known how much BTC investment Bloom has made, the former politician said hello to the cryptocurrency world as an investor.

Central Banks Are Incompetent, Commercial Banks Are Thief

The former member of the European Parliament said at a meeting in 2013 that the banking sector is a scam. Bloom said at the meeting of the parliament that “you do not understand the banks, all the banks went bankrupt”, and now he has somewhat proved that he continues his attitude of that time by choosing Bitcoin investment.

Bloom also targeted central banks in his speech during the same meeting. The politician, who expressed concern about the policy of minting money by the central banks, accused the central banks of manipulating the central banks to stimulate the economy. Bloom also made accusations such as “incompetent” and “thief” for banks.

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