Nam Joo Hyuk’s Singing Ability Makes Netizens Amazed


Nam Joo Hyuk recently surprised netizens after showing his singing ability.

On Saturday (13/11), Management SOOP’s YouTube channel uploaded the video ‘Gayo SOOP 10‘ starring one of their actors, Nam Joo Hyuk.

In this video, Nam Joo Hyuk is seen in the karaoke room and singing various songs.

The first song sung by Nam Joo Hyuk is the song ‘To You’ by Kim Kwang Seok. He then immediately changed the key of the song to suit his vocals using the remote.

After singing the song, Nam Joo Hyuk then sang izi’s ‘Emergency Room‘, and songs from various singers such as Harim, Kim Dong Ryul, and Lee So Ra.

His appearance immediately made many netizens amazed. Because not only has good acting skills, actor Nam Joo Hyuk is also good at singing.

You can watch Nam Joo Hyuk’s action when singing in the karaoke room in the following video!