Nadir Bugatti Chiron Noire Released at Strange Price


One of the Chiron Noires that Bugatti produced in a limited number, which came out for the first time in November last year, went on sale in Germany. The price of the vehicle was of a suit that would suit a rare Bugatti.

Bugatti introduced the Chiron Noire model, which used the charisma of black after the Bugatti La Voiture Noire model, which it produced only 1 and sold for 18 million dollars. The number of people that can be obtained from this car produced 20 was quite low.

The limited edition Chiron Noire had a price tag of $ 110,000 higher than the standard Chiron’s $ 2 million 998 thousand standard model. In the advertisement given in Germany, even this amount was low.

Rare Chiron on sale
In the Chiron Noire advertisement published in Germany, the owner of the advertisement, Hollman International, is exactly 4.022.200 euro. Although the price tag is lip-like, it seems that the standard version of the vehicle starts at $ 3 million.

Bugatti Chiron Noire has a special carbon fiber front grille and black brake discs. The vehicle has two different versions called Sportive and Elegance. The car that Hollman International is on sale is a Bugatti Chiron Noire Sportive with matt black details. The owner of the car did not enjoy this car very much, the car is only 50 kilometers away.

Chiron Noire is technically a package in which the appearance of the vehicle is changed, that is, nothing under the hood has been changed. This means that the vehicle has an 8-liter, four-turbo W16 petrol engine. This engine is powered by a 7-speed gearbox and produces 1500 horsepower.

250. Chiron is also a Chiron Noire
One of the 20 Bugatti Chiron Noire produced was registered as the 250th Chiron from production. Bugatti was planning to display this vehicle at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show before it was canceled due to the coronavirus. Most of the Chirons produced so far have been sold, the number of vehicles waiting for its owner is less than 100.

The remaining 19 of the Bugatti Chiron Noires are probably already sold. So this announcement in Germany may be the last chance for those who want to buy this car for a very long time.


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