Nacon accused of publishing pirated copies on Steam


This Monday (1), the fight between developer Frogwares and publisher Nacon over the rights to the game The Sinking City won new chapters, after a post on the studio’s website accusing the distributor of having released a hacked copy on Steam.

In February of this year, Frogwares had shared a message asking players not to buy the version of The Sinking City on Steam. At first, fans were wary of the studio’s request, but a lengthy investigation, completed just this week, proved that something serious was going on and that Nacon was involved in hacking and hacking activities.

According to the developer, Nacon acquired a version without copy protection at the retailer Gamesplanet and accessed part of the internal structure of the game files, removing logos, server checks and other unwanted information under the name of Frogwares or any member of the company. The studio also accuses the publisher of having purchased the Deluxe edition of the game, changing data that was not within the contract between the parties.

Frogwares says that this is not the first time that the distributor has pressed for the game to be made available on Steam again, and says that there have already been three other attempts at theft and hacking of intellectual property, with one of them resulting in a lawsuit in the France.

The studio believes that the breach of encryption was deliberate and involved external agents and professionals in the field, and intends to take the verified evidence to attach in the process, in order to end the fight for the copyright of The Sinking City favorably.


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