Nabilla: Youtuber is testing the Nabilla Beauty brand!


A famous beauty Youtuber tested Nabilla’s makeup brand, Nabilla Beauty. But who can it be? We tell you everything!

A beauty Youtuber decided to test Nabilla’s makeup brand, Nabilla Beauty. But who can it be?

The controversy does not seem to slow down Gaëlle Garcia Diaz. Indeed, after creating a big buzz following her crash test video of Maeva Ghennam’s makeup brand, Maeva Ghennam Beauty, the beauty Youtuber has decided to put the cover back. Too strong !

Yes, this weekend, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz published a new crash test video, in which she tries out Nabilla Beauty products. And for good reason, the YouTuber has her own makeup brand, Martine Cosmetics, and can therefore fairly judge the quality of the products.

But then, did the brand of Nabilla convince Gaëlle Garcia Diaz? Or on the contrary, was she disappointed with Nabilla Beauty?

Come on, we don’t make the suspense last longer, we tell you more!


On her Youtube channel, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz decided to test the Nabilla Beauty brand.

And frankly, after having tested the different products, the Youtubeuse seemed rather satisfied.

Indeed, apart from a few remarks concerning the brand’s mobile site, a bit messy according to her, and concerning the packaging of the products a little difficult to open because of numerous plastic packaging, Gaelle Garcia Diaz was seduced by the brand. Very cool !

Yes, the business woman even adored Nabilla’s lipsticks, her two palettes, but also her blush! So awesome !

Besides, guess what: Nabilla reacted to Gaëlle’s video. Yes, the business woman appreciated her constructive remarks! Awesome, isn’t it?

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And frankly, this is really great!

In any case, we can’t wait to see Gaëlle Garcia Diaz’s next crash test!


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