Nabilla with the mini dress and boots that influencers love!


On her Instagram account, Nabilla shared a photo where she appeared really sexy in a dress and boots that influencers love!

Very active on social networks, Nabilla does not hesitate to share photos of herself in which she appears very sexy. This is especially the case at the start of the week when she opted for boots that are torn apart.

For a few days now, Nabilla has been enjoying her vacation in Paris with her husband Thomas Vergara and their little boy Milann. On the other hand, the fans do not really know the reason for their coming to France.

In contrast, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara had an incredible Valentine’s Day at the Hotel George V in Paris. And the least we can say is that the handsome brunette has put the small dishes in the big ones.

She made a rose alley, ordered an amazing meal and gave her wife some dreamy gifts. The latter seemed to be very moved by all her attentions. She had a dream February 14 with her husband.

One thing is certain, the dream also continues in Paris. In any case, the beautiful brunette revealed to her fans. This Tuesday, February 23, she shared a new photo on her Instagram account that did not fail to cause a sensation.

Nabilla appeared in a very classy outfit. She posed in an ultra chic place. But one detail caught the attention of his fans. At first, she opted for a little black dress with a dungaree shape at the top.

Sexy Nabilla in a mini dress and boots that influencers love!


Below her little dress, Nabilla opted for a pretty white shirt. And to bring a touch of sexy to her outfit, she opted for magnificent leather boots from the Jonak brand.

Her boots have been a hit with influencers this season. They love this pair of shoes from Nabilla. They have been making the rounds on social networks throughout this winter.

For her photo, the reality TV contestant appeared with one of her Hermès bags. This is the “Kelly” model that she particularly likes. As a reminder, she has a really impressive collection of handbags.

For Valentine’s Day, Thomas Vergara gave his wife two new bags. There is a very special reason why Milann’s mom showed off in this outfit. Nabilla was interviewed by Nikos Aliagas.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, Nabilla said: “Today I had the chance to do an interview with Nikos rich in emotions”. One thing’s for sure, her fans can’t wait to see her in 50’Inside.

They also confided to Nabilla: “Too anxious to discover that babe, too proud of you!” “, ” I can not wait to see her ! “,” Can’t wait to find out. »But also« Too proud of you Neb ».


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