Nabilla wants to keep the Christmas decorations at home

On Instagram, Nabilla made it known that she wanted to keep her Christmas decorations. The beauty even asked her fans for advice

Christmas has been over for several days already. But since this is a holiday enjoyed by the majority, many would like to celebrate it for an entire year. Proof of this is with Nabilla who seems very reluctant to take off her Christmas decorations.

We fully understand it. A few days before Santa Claus arrives, we buy a tree to decorate it with balls and garlands, sometimes make a nursery and hang lots of decorations on our wall.

All this to, in the end, remove everything a few hours after the passage of the bearded man dressed in red … Nabilla seems “annoyed” by this. This is why she was asking herself a question that many of us have already asked:

“How long can we actually keep the trees and other decorations? In reality there is no specific date. If we want to keep it until next year it is still possible.

But we have to admit that friends arriving at our house in the middle of summer might wonder if we feel good seeing a Christmas tree in our living room. Something that doesn’t really seem to worry Nabilla.


Because yes, Milann’s mother does not seem really ready to take everything away from her house, on the contrary. That’s why, she appealed to her fans for some info on the subject:

“The big question is ‘do I have to raise my trees’? I’ll do a survey. Hey, how long can we keep the trees? Tell me also in the comms. »Nabilla, adding then, in order to make his point of view understood for good:

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“Keeping Christmas trees, and decorations, at home, without hitting the poster, that’s my question. ”

So you will understand, Nabilla was actually asking how not to appear stupid in the eyes of her friends by keeping the Christmas decorations for several months.



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