Nabilla very nostalgic for her curly hair on Instagram!


A few days ago, Nabilla was in Los Angeles. The reason ? She wanted to have her breast operated on there because she did not know the surgeons in Dubai. On Instagram, she therefore shared her daily life with her fans.

If Nabilla had her breast implants changed in Los Angeles, she also took the opportunity to change her look. Indeed, the young woman opted for long curly hair with its natural color.

And the least that can be said is that this change had surprised many. Nabilla seemed to be totally fan of this new hairstyle. On the side of his fans, opinions differed.

Indeed, some told the young woman that this haircut did not suit her at all. While others have validated 100%. There are many who found this hairstyle to look very natural on her.


Since returning to Dubai, Nabilla has not tried this hairstyle again. And she may well do so in the days or weeks to come. The reason ? She seems to miss this look.

This Sunday, August 23, the reality TV contestant shared two photos in Story from her Instagram account where she displayed herself with this hairstyle. She already seems nostalgic for this trendy cut.

For her brand Nabilla Beauty, the young woman also unveiled very original looks. Indeed, she had not hesitated to appear with a pink or purple wig.

But that’s not all. Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart had also opted for platinum blonde. A color that suited her perfectly. It remains to be seen if she will try new hair follies. To be continued!

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