Nabilla very happy to leave Kiev to finally find her son!


Nabilla underwent cosmetic surgery in Kiev a few days ago. She can now finally go out and find her son. Nabilla has therefore recently undergone a new cosmetic surgery operation. The young woman went to Ukraine to have her pregnancy scar removed.

Nabilla had then hidden for a long time that she was going to have this operation. It was once there that she decided to inform her subscribers.

Indeed, Nabilla therefore took her Snapchat account in order to put an end to the doubts. And for good reason, some were convinced that the young woman had gone to Ukraine to have her buttocks redone.

“There are some on Twitter, they’re psychopaths. They say ‘yeah I’m sure she went to do her bum,’ ”she said.

Before continuing by sending a spade to Jessica Thivenin according to Internet users: “I don’t want to look like a cyborg, I don’t want to be disproportionate, I am very good as I am, so stop looking all the time the little beast ”.


Nabilla then explained the reason for her arrival. The young woman came for the sole purpose of having her pregnancy scar removed. “I’m going to see him for the scar from my emergency Caesarean. If there are moms who have had emergency or scheduled caesareans, this is a great place. ”

“You can go with your eyes closed if you don’t like the scar. Caesarean section is not cosmetic. It’s for the health of mom and baby. And it’s done in a rush. ”

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And after several days, Nabilla is in a hurry to find her son Milann. Indeed, the young woman posted a story on her Instagram account to announce that she was going home. She then posted a message on Twitter, replying to a subscriber who asked if she was anxious to find Milann. She replied “3 days is too long!” “


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