Nabilla very classy in the arms of Thomas Vergara on!


This Wednesday, January 13, Nabilla made a nice statement to her husband Thomas Vergara. You will see, his post is ultra romantic!

It’s no secret that Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are one of the strongest couples in show business. Yesterday, Milann’s mother made a nice statement to her man on the Web.

To date, Nabilla is one of the most followed stars on social media. The businesswoman likes to show off on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat as well.

His daily life in Dubai fascinates a large number of Internet users. A true marketing pro, the star also brilliantly manages her own brand of cosmetics “Nabilla Beauty”.

And all of its products are very popular with its community. In parallel to all this, the pretty brunette also continues to make partnerships with the biggest labels.

This Wednesday, January 13, the star shared a new photo on the Web for a very specific reason. Madly in love with her man Thomas Vergara, Magali Berdah’s protege therefore took the opportunity to make him a tender statement.

Unsurprisingly, all of his followers loved it. The proof in pictures!


In the photo in question, Nabilla and Thomas are more in love than ever! Facing the lens, the star snuggled up to her husband radiates happiness.

“Today it’s been 8 years that we love each other more than anything,” the young woman captioned her post. But also: “We built our life together and founded our family”.

In just a few hours, Nabilla’s pretty post garnered over 400,000 likes. Many of her subscribers have sent her adorable messages.

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“How beautiful you are. Time flies so quickly, can we read under its publication. Or even: “Wow. I remember when your story started in ‘Angels’. So happy for you ”. So cute!


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