Nabilla Vergara In Hospital: About To Give Birth


Nabilla Vergara is going to give birth! The young woman went to the maternity ward urgently. Little Milann should be coming soon!

That night, Nabilla went to the maternity ward. The work began for Thomas’s sweetheart. Their son should be born in the coming hours!

Nabilla’s term was scheduled for October 20th. However, little Milann has obviously decided to point the tip of her nose before! And for good reason ! Nabilla went to the maternity ward this Saturday, October 5th. The work began for the young woman. She talked to Snapchat in the evening. We can see it in a taxi direction emergencies.

Nabilla seems rather anxious about giving birth. She confides “We go quickly to the maternity. I did not sleep at night. I have contractions that hurt me too much. So we will see what happens. The doctor told me to come. ” But that’s not all ! The young woman then confesses: “I’m scared to death guys. We do not know if it’s for today or not. But that’s not good at all. ”

It looks like it’s for today! Indeed, Thomas and Nabilla then published some videos of them at the maternity ward. The future dad then took a picture of the birth room. And since, no more news of the couple! No doubt, Nabilla is indeed giving birth! We wish him a lot of courage.

The pregnancy of the pretty brunette was not easy. In recent weeks, Nabilla did not have the morale. Fortunately, her little boy should give him a smile. In a few hours, the young mother will be able to hug Little Milann in her arms. It will however wait a little before having news of the small family Vergara.

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Cleаrly, things аre on the rise for Nabilla. Fаns wishing to see more of the beаuty should follow her Instаgrаm.

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