Nabilla unveils plans for her son Milann’s bedroom!


Nabilla is a happy and fulfilled mother. And as proof, she is creating a real cozy little nest for her son Milann. In a story posted to her Instagram account, the former reality TV contestant reveals new plans for her baby’s room.

Nabilla is talking about her a lot these days. The reason ? A few days ago, she filmed herself disinfecting a doorknob with toilet deodorant. Obviously, this sequence caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

An astonishing situation especially since the young woman was afraid of having covid-19. A few days ago, in story, Nabilla revealed worried that she had to go to hospital urgently because of the coronavirus.

On Snapchat, Nabilla confided very stressed: “Friends, this is a bad time, we are all going to the hospital. It’s not funny at all, there is a friend of ours who tested positive for Covid this morning. ”


“This is a person who was with us, who was in contact with us. So it’s not going at all there ”then declares Nabilla. Before continuing: “He emptied his whole room and everything, he had been super planning so that it wouldn’t contaminate us in case he had it. “Before concluding:” Now I’m a little panicked, I don’t know exactly what to do and what not to do. ”

More fear than harm for Nabilla, then. The young woman as well as Thomas and Milann tested negative. The opportunity for them to resume work on Milann’s chamber. In an Instagram post, Nabilla unveiled the new plans for her baby’s room.

And the least we can say is that according to the plans, the little baby is going to be spoiled!


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