Nabilla unveils her favorite room in her luxury villa in Dubai!


Nabilla is delighted! Her son Milann’s bedroom is finally finished! And the star can not do without this new piece!

Nabilla saw the big picture for Milann’s bedroom! Indeed, the star has completely renovated her little boy’s room to make it a dream place! And the result is splendid! We show you …

A few months ago, Nabilla left her villa to do extensive renovations. The star and her little family therefore had to move to a new home while they waited to find their love nest.

The pretty brunette has decided to redo all the decor in her new home to feel at home. In particular, she imagined a dream bedroom for her one-year-old baby boy!

Indeed, Thomas’s darling refuses her son to grow up in an ordinary room. She then imagined an incredible room to allow Milann to relax.

Yesterday, Nabilla unveiled the end of the work on the chamber on Snapchat. And the least we can say is that the fashionista saw the big picture for her son!

Toys, carpet, blue walls, fake animals… Milann has the right to a real playroom. And the little boy doesn’t want to leave his room!


Nabilla is as enthusiastic as her son when she finds the room. She explains, “Our son’s room is officially finished. This is the place where we most want to stay in the house! “.

She continues and also admits that she does not want to leave this warm new room anymore. “There is carpet, there are toys, animals everywhere. It’s too too good ”.

Nabilla is therefore satisfied! Her baby boy will be able to have fun in his dream bedroom! The star and her son spent their afternoons playing together at their new favorite spot in the villa. Adorable!