Nabilla turns into a big bunny to find her son Milann!


Big surprise for Milann! While she had been away for a few days, Nabilla returned … disguised as a rabbit to surprise him!

Nabilla finally finds Milann! After a trip to Ukraine to go for surgery, the reality TV star finds Dubai, and therefore her son … The opportunity to give him a cute little surprise!

Because the mom doesn’t like to stay away from her little one. This trip to Kiev will have seemed very long … Even if she made the round trip for a good cause. She wanted to go to the operating room!

For cosmetic surgery? Not really, because Nabilla is rather looking for better comfort… She therefore chose to have the scar of her cesarean section reworked. She didn’t find her very pretty. But above all it made her suffer!

So the influencer asked her friends which hospital to go to. So many of them told her about Kiev, where she was able to spend a short stay… But not too unpleasant. So she seems in better shape!

So it’s time to go home, and especially to find Milann, who remained in Dubai. For the big reunion, Nabilla has decided to please her little one, and thus reveals all the behind the scenes on Snapachat.


Very happy, we see her find her apartment. “I ordered a rabbit mascot head to surprise her,” she recounts in the story. I’m going to put it on to wake him up. ”

Nabilla is wearing a candy pink bunny’s head to go find her little one! “He’s going to be so happy!” “But that’s not all … Because in Kiev, she made two or three purchases for Milann anyway.

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So she has planned “little gifts for him that I will give her after” … She details, amazed. “Too cute fries, he’s going to love it too much!” “Indeed, the large packet of stuffed fries may have its effect …

“In a hurry for him to wake up,” Nabilla therefore goes to find her little Milann … Obviously, he is happy that her mother is finally home! And happy too, to see this giant rabbit wake him up!


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