Nabilla to declare her love for the city of Paris!


Nabilla improvised a superb shoot on the rooftops of Paris! The star is then revealed in very classy outfit. His fans loved it!

Nabilla is in love with the city of Paris! Back in France for the holidays, the bomb took the opportunity to do a nice shoot in the capital. And the result left no one indifferent! We show you!

Nabilla is finally back in France! Indeed, the it girl has put down her suitcases in Paris to find friends. And the latter intends to benefit from the advantages of the capital!

The star refuses nothing for her holidays in the City of Light! Luxury hotels, shopping in the most beautiful streets … the young mother is having a blast!

Yesterday, Nabilla improvised a nice shoot to pay tribute to Paris. The star then chose a very elegant outfit to pose on the roof of his hotel. We love !

The pretty brunette has swapped her little summer outfits for a beautiful long coat with faux fur. She also tackles a ponytail and some very glamorous jewelry.

The young mother then poses in front of a superb Parisian landscape. Something to make his fans around the world dream!


Nabilla takes advantage of this publication to declare her love for Paris. She then declares “I’ve been around the world Paris will remain the most beautiful of cities!” “.

This pretty picture was like a bomb on the web! Indeed, Internet users are delighted to see Nabilla in France again. And they don’t hesitate to let it be known!

“Paris is magic, especially when you’re in the picture! “, “Enjoy! You are sublime “,” Very classy, ​​I love it! “,” This kind of look suits you perfectly “can we read among the reactions!

So it’s a no-fault for the pretty woman! So, will the star continue to wear glamorous looks during her stay in France? Case to follow!


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