Nabilla thrilled:She is enjoying Santa Monica with Thomas Vergara


Nabilla and Thomas Vergara seem to be spinning perfect love. The couple enjoy the Los Angeles sun on the Santa Monica walks.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have been on vacation in Los Angeles for several days already. On the Santa Monica walks, the couple seem to be delighted with their stay.

As we know, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are on vacation in Los Angeles. With their son, the family decided to take a few days off. It is in this city that the young woman created the buzz . “Hello! No but hello, what ! You’re a girl, don’t you have shampoo? Hello? Hello ! I don’t know, are you getting me? You’re a girl, you don’t have shampoo! It’s as if I tell you: you’re a girl, you don’t have a hair ”. We remember, it was in 2013 in The Angels of reality TV 5. What memories.

Since then, the young woman has taken off. A few months after the buzz, Nabilla was even the star of her own show, Allô Nabilla. In 2014, she then joined Cyril Hanouna’s team on Touche pas at my post. However, the star made the decision to leave the set a few months later. In terms of her private life, Nabilla therefore met Thomas Vergara in this same season of the Angels of reality TV. Since then they have spun perfect love . Besides, nobody really believed in it at the start. The young woman therefore recently spoke about this. “ As we come from reality TV, people gave our couple two weeks. We’ve been together for seven years ”.


Nabilla seems delighted with her stay. Besides, she doesn’t hesitate to post her happiness on social networks. With her son and her husband, we therefore see them walking in the streets of Santa Monica. ” Too handsome ! There are lots of pigeons everywhere it’s crazy. Either pigeons or seagulls (…) It’s so but so cool, there is so much atmosphere, it’s incredible. It’s too good here! “. As you can see, she is amazed.

However, not everything is so rosy for Nabilla . Don’t worry, there is nothing dramatic. Thomas therefore decided to take places for a thrill ride. In her Instagram story , we see a photo of Thomas Vergara at the counter. “She absolutely wants to do the scary ride”. Horror for the young woman! “She didn’t leave me the choice, we’re going to do the merry-go-round. I hate the rides I’m too scared ”. Rest assured, everything went well!


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