Nabilla: Thomas Vergara throws a funny anecdote!


Nabilla is never afraid to make a fool of herself. Today it’s Thomas Vergara’s turn to tell a hilarious anecdote about his wife.

Nabilla is known to be very uninhibited. She dares to put herself in hilarious situations. In fact, her husband Thomas Vergara tells a very funny anecdote about her.

For several years Nabilla has known a great reputation. It must be said that the young woman was very quickly noticed. Not surprising !

Her outspokenness and unforgettable lines made her a big star. From her debut in reality TV, the pretty brunette has shaken the Web.

Today, Nabilla looks happier than ever. His career is second to none and his family life is perfect. In short, Internet users often express their admiration.

Indeed, Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart is a real businesswoman. Her make-up brand was then a hit. Something to make even the greatest jealous.

And for a year now, the former reality TV contestant has become the happy mother of little Milann. After a nice wedding, the star couple of social networks has become parents.

In fact, Milann has finally just met his grandfather. Nabilla’s dad then got to know his grandson.

On the occasion of this family weekend, Thomas Vergara learned a great anecdote about his wife.

Nabilla: Thomas Vergara dares to throw a hilarious anecdote on her!


While in Geneva, Nabilla’s lovely family visited the young woman’s dad. It was then for her the opportunity to reunite with her parents.

And for good reason, even though the star had a difficult time with her father, now everything seems to be fine. Phew!

She then takes the opportunity to share pictures of this beautiful moment. She then boarded her private plane. Enough to shake the Web then.

In fact, in a story on Snap Nabilla told a very funny anecdote. Indeed, she explains what her daddy said to Thomas Vergara. And it looks like it’s really funny.

She therefore declares: “My father told her anecdotes about me!” Including a completely stupid! The sequel promises to be full of twists and turns. Eh yes !

Thomas takes the floor in turn. He then explains: “She went to see her father and asked for his scooter, her father gave her and Nabilla left for seven days with her father’s scooter without giving any news. ”

The handsome brunette then adds: “And one day, his father crossed paths in Geneva. He stood in front of her at the red light and said ‘get off the scooter’ and he punched her on the helmet. ”

From an early age, Nabilla was already making her own. But what will she still do to amaze her fans? To be continued.