Nabilla: Thomas Vergara is making fun of one of her pants!


Nabilla posted a hilarious video of her husband, Thomas Vergara, making fun of one of the quirky pieces in his wardrobe!

Nabilla has just posted a laughing video via her Snap Chat story! Indeed, in the video in question, Thomas Vergara is making fun of one of his darling’s unusual pants!

Nabilla and Thomas are still as lovers and accomplices as ever! Indeed, the couple display a remarkable osmosis on their respective social networks … A sincere love which does not prevent Milann’s dad from sending spikes to his other half!

Indeed, this Monday January 11, 2020, the handsome Thomas kindly made fun of one of his better half’s pants! “But that’s too stylish, it’s pants with the shoes integrated I love too much! ”

“But he’s been kidding me all the time … While my word is too stylish! »The beautiful Nabilla thus defended herself… Images to die for laughing!


4 days earlier, the beautiful Nabilla unveiled a magnificent snapshot of her via her Instagram feed! Indeed, in the photo in question, the beautiful brunette wore a pretty cardigan very open at the level of the neckline … An opening which highlighted the pretty chest of the young woman of 28 years!

So, the influencer’s many subscribers loved this post! Indeed, the post in question already has more than 300,000 likes, a real record for the young woman!

The comments are also very numerous and one thing is certain, the subscribers of the beautiful Nabilla are not stingy with compliments! “Canon this photo, I love it! »« A real beauty, you are to die for! »« Pretty cleavage, sexy but still very classy at the same time! ”

We can read on the social network of Milann’s mother! A photo of the beautiful brunette that we invite you to admire here.


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