Nabilla and Thomas Vergara delighted: they can finally enjoy their pool!


Nabilla and Thomas inaugurated their pool in Dubai. Young parents shared their impression on social networks. And they are thrilled!

Nabilla and Thomas moved to Dubai a few weeks ago. Since then, the stars share with their fans images of their luxury villa. Nevertheless, they had some problems during their installation. And for good reason ! The work was not completed upon their arrival. They had to wait before enjoying their palace.

Today, Nabilla and Thomas have finally been able to inaugurate their new pool. Indeed, the XXL pool of the couple is finally over! They were able to make their first dive. Thomas Vergara announced the good news on Snapchat. He explains “Today we could enjoy the pool, finally. They cleaned it up. There are filters that did not work. The water is too good, we are too happy. And there we hear the terrace.

On the pictures, Thomas can not hide his enthusiasm. We can also hear his sweetheart Nabilla behind him. The latter seems equally excited at the idea of ​​being able to bathe. The young dad then unveils a picture of the pool in the middle of the night! We can then see the huge pool overlooking the terrace. We love !

Despite their dream home, Thomas and Nabilla are struggling to adapt to their new country. Indeed, the pretty brunette recently questioned her new life in Dubai. The young woman confessed to her subscribers that she felt useless. Fortunately, she can count on the support of her darling and her fans. Following these confessions, the young mother received many messages of support. What cheer him up!