Nabilla, Thomas Vergara cropping “You are ashamed”!


Very fusional, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara bicker from time to time. Thomas Vergara recently threw a prick at his wife.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are very accomplices in life. But also on social networks. The two lovers who share their entire lives on social media love each other to the point of clashing from time to time.

In fact, the couple is slashing time and time. And he does not hesitate to do it by interposing videos. The two lovebirds who have lived in Dubai for several years therefore have nothing more to prove. And they are right.

Nabilla is therefore very present on social networks. It tries its best to satisfy its subscribers by offering them quality content. She currently has 6.3 million followers… Just on Instagram.

Recently, the young woman has made a video several times. Perfectionist, the pretty brunette has done it several times before making THE perfect video.

An attitude which is far from that adopted by Thomas Vergara. So the reality TV contestant criticized his wife… He doesn’t like her actions. And he let her know.


Thomas then told Nabilla that he didn’t like her behavior. ” Stopped. You are embarrassing, ”he told the French influencer.

Annoyed, Milann’s mother replied: “Ok, I shut up”. Nabilla and Thomas are very close. So they don’t hesitate to tackle each other with kindness and benevolence.

In the columns of Paris Match, Nabilla was full of praise for her husband. “Initially, my mother did not understand. She told me I was crazy. That I should think about it, ”he began.

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The young man therefore qualified his remarks, declaring that his mother is now very proud that her son is married to the pretty brunette. “Now my mom tells me. “Well done, it’s an incredible love story,” said the young man at the very beginning of his relationship with Nabilla.

“Nabilla and I are therefore the best friends in the world. So we loved each other so much! », He continued. Before saying that they are like “two soul mates”. It’s beautiful.


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