Nabilla: Thomas Vergara, a fan of Johnny Hallyday!


Nabilla unveiled the idol Thomas Vergara on Instagram. Indeed, the young dad is a big fan of Johnny Hallyday! We show you!

Nabilla made an amazing reveal on Instagram! The bomb revealed Thomas Vergara’s passion for Johnny Hallyday! And surprise! The young man even has a crush on collector’s items bearing the effigy of his idol!

Nabilla has almost no secrets from her fans! Indeed, the it girl is used to confiding her to her subscribers via social networks.

Family life, struggles for a young mother, or even professional projects… the bomb tells her community everything! More and more Internet users are therefore following his crazy adventures on a daily basis!

Yesterday, the star decided to take her fans on a shopping spree with her. Indeed, the it girl is looking for new decorative objects for her future luxury villa.

Nabilla therefore shared her research via her story. And surprise! Her husband Thomas Vergara fell in love with a painting in a store.

Indeed, the young man fell under the spell of a photo of his idol. And the singer is none other than … Johnny Hallyday! Unbelievable !


Nabilla couldn’t help but share this little anecdote with her fans. The fashionista therefore photographed her sweetheart next to the painting. The pretty brunette then confesses: “Thomas, a big fan of Johnny! “.

Thomas Vergara poses all smiles towards the photo of his idol. No doubt: the young man is a great admirer of the taulier. And the latter certainly fell in love with this pretty painting with the effigy of the singer.

Many Internet users reacted when they discovered this photo. It must be said that no one expected to discover such information!

Like what, Nabilla’s darling hides his game very well! And the latter has not finished surprising us!


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