Nabilla: Thomas is having a romantic day!


Thomas Vergara made a wonderful surprise to his darling Nabilla on the occasion of Valentine’s Day! Milann’s mom loved it!

For Valentine’s Day, Thomas Vergara organized a wonderful surprise for his sweetheart! Indeed, Nabilla was in heaven! MCE TV tells you more!

This Sunday, February 14, 2021, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara set down their suitcases in Paris, the city of love! A trip to celebrate the feast of lovers. A feast that Milann’s parents obviously celebrated as it should!

Indeed, Thomas has organized a nice surprise for his sweetheart! So the couple spent the afternoon on a boat! A trip on the Seine that the beautiful 29-year-old brunette literally adored!

Indeed, the latter posted several photos and videos of this dream afternoon via her Instagram story! “It’s so beautiful,” she captioned a photo of the Seine.

Nabilla then added: “My husband is the best, it’s just amazing! When he gave me his scarf, I understood why I fell in love with him! »Tender words that the main interested party, Thomas Vergara, will appreciate!

We let you admire an image of the romantic trip in question of the 2 lovebirds! The lovers look more fulfilled than ever as you can see below!


On the same day, Nabilla posted two photos of her and her darling on the boat! Incredibly romantic photos that Milann’s mom lovingly captioned! Indeed, the latter took advantage of this post to make a nice statement to her half!

“I will love you all my life” Happy Valentine’s Day “, wrote the beautiful brunette … Short, but effective! A statement that must have pleased Thomas! As for the young woman’s subscribers, they loved this publication!

Indeed, the post in question has accumulated almost 300,000 likes, a real record! The comments are also very numerous and all more positive than the others! Indeed, the subscribers wished a happy birthday to Milann’s parents!

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you 2 lovers! You are my favorite couple! »« What could be better than spending Valentine’s Day in Paris, you are adorable! Long live your marriage, you are an example! ”

Or again: “Canon you 2, big kisses!” Enjoy Paris and the wonderful love you have had for each other for all these years! ”

Can we read on the social network of the beautiful brunette! Adorable messages that will please the little couple! Indeed, in addition to loving each other madly, their Instagram followers also seem to adore this couple!


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