Nabilla: This ugly photo with Thomas Vergara!


In Story on her Instagram account, Nabilla shared an adorable photo where she revealed a tender shot of Milann with Thomas Vergara!

Over a year ago, Nabilla gave birth to her first child. An adorable little boy named Milann who is the delight of his family and Thomas Vergara. Since her birth, she has decided to reveal her evolution to her fans.

Nabilla shares many photos and videos of her son Milann. On the day of her birth, she had made an adorable declaration of love for her baby boy. One thing is certain, she had touched her fans.

Nabilla had revealed: “I have just lived the happiest day of all my life. What I feel today is inexplicable. My husband and I are now parents. Milann, the fruit of our love, was born yesterday afternoon on 10/11/2019 at 1:06 p.m. ″

The young woman had also added: “A wonderful little angel weighing 3kg620. He is doing wonderfully and our happiness is endless. I can’t find the words to describe our joy. We are filled with love “.


Nabilla also wanted to thank Thomas Vergara. She wrote, “Thank you to my husband who was exemplary from start to finish. You are my whole life, I love you so much “.

At the start of the week, it also cracked the web. This Monday, January 11, Nabilla also shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. She posted a picture of Thomas Vergara carrying their baby boy Milann.

Both appeared very classy. Thomas Vergara also opted for a black T-shirt, black jogging pants and a beige jacket. To complete his look, he also opted for sunglasses.

For his part, Milann showed off with a gray sweater, gray jogging pants and little Adidas sneakers. Nabilla looked like a total fan of the two men in her life!


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