Nabilla splendid in Frenchie mode on Instagram!


On her Instagram account, Nabilla shared a photo where she clearly caused a sensation among her fans with a very Frenchie look!

For several weeks now, Nabilla had been quietly at home in Dubai. The one who is used to moving around the world has packed her suitcase for France. She also shared on Instagram that she had arrived well.

This weekend, Nabilla shared several videos on social networks. She explained to her fans that she was leaving Dubai to return to France. On the other hand, she did not confide in the length of her stay.

Nabilla will surely take the opportunity to see her grandmother Livia. It must be said that because of the health crisis, she was unable to take advantage of her grandma. The two will surely meet again since the pretty brunette is in Paris.

This Saturday, December 13, the young woman shared a new photo on her Instagram account. She appeared in a really classy outfit at the Hotel George V in Paris. One thing is certain, it really caused a sensation.

The reality TV candidate took the pose sitting on a very classy sofa. Regarding her outfit, she opted for an ultra tight white top and brown leather pants. To complete her look, she chose accessories.

Nabilla opted for a brown beanie and thigh-high boots with a snakeskin pattern. In the caption of her Instagram photo, she also wrote: “Well arrived in Paris”. All accompanied by a French flag.


With her shot, Nabilla collected more than 245,000 “likes” in just a few hours from her fans. In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment her. It must be said that it made the buzz.

Nabilla fans confided: “The most beautiful! “,” Enjoy well and what a lovely family. “,” Parisian style. “, ” So beautiful ! »,« Nabilla à la Parisienne. “,” The look too beautiful. “But also” You are class! “.

Many messages that will not fail to please Milann’s mother. It must be said that she can often count on the kindness but also the love of her fans on social networks.

Some of her subscribers wonder what she’s doing in Paris. She is rumored to be filming Season 2 of Love Island, a reality show. As a reminder, Thomas Vergara’s wife is the presenter.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video announced that the shooting of season 2 would be postponed. As of yet, they haven’t given a date for the start. While waiting to know a date, the pretty brunette has made arrangements to come to Paris.

It will take some patience to find out more about the start of filming of Love Island Season 2 with Nabilla. Case to follow!